Virginia, United States
I guess you could say I was born an artist! My intrinsic artistic abilities appeared around the age of 1½ years old when I began scribbling colorful imagery on my bedroom walls, later carving designs and cryptic messages on my parent’s fine furniture. Over the years, I have continued my artistic endeavors working as a monotype printmaker, painter, mixed media artist, and jewelry maker.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


December is a wild month, dashing here and there for classes, art shows and openings, and shopping, but I have had a little time to get in the studio and create. My goal was to create the watercolor cards and have them ready to send. This is something I used to do until my mum became ill and that became my focus. Sometimes when you stop doing something it is difficult to get back into the swing of things; this year, I had planned to get the cards going....instead, I just enjoyed being in the studio 
going with the flow of things.....
Dancing Field (C) oil and Wax

I have begun a huge new series of oil and wax on paper. I am experimenting (as usual) with merging the image types of my ink drawings into larger pieces created with oil and wax. So far, I am pleased with the results. There are more to come......

In the meantime, I am still working on the cards. 
Winter Light 1(C)   

Winter Light 2(C)    

Red Trees (C)

Friday, November 29, 2013

Grand Opening Art On Kirk!

Sunday is the grand opening of Art On Kirk!

AOK is a unique art-space of nine working artists plus gallery. 

Meet the artists:

Susan Egbert - Miki Overcast-Kallan - Robin Poteet
Deborah Poore - Susanne Sellers - Gina Louthian-Stanley
Nancy Stellhorn - Petie Stringfellow - Rebecca Talbot

Original paintings, photography. pottery and jewelry will be on display for those special Holiday Gifts. Enjoy refreshments and join the artists in celebrating their new creative space.
We will be open 1-5pm for the opening, 114-A Kirk Avenue, SW!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I was sitting here this morning, as I do most mornings, thinking about all the things I am thankful for.
This morning I thought about friendships and many of the people who have crossed my path over the years; some are still with us, some are not, and a couple are hanging on to the precious life they have.
The gratitude I feel for each of the folks in my life is so large. Maybe I never say it enough nor have I said it at all, but each and every person, for better or worse, has helped shape who I am and enriched my life in some amazing way.

My heart is full of good energy these days because of my friends and family. They are always there and present, and I am so blessed. Thank you my friends and fellow acquaintances for being there and being who you are as part of my life. Sending Thanksgiving wishes to those of you reading this, and prayers for friends who are struggling at the moment, and remembering my kinship and those who have passed before me, in fondness and gratitude. Blessings.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Cold Wax Landscapes

Winter, winter is here.....
I love how the crisp skies compliment 
the textures of the Earth, especially
the white snow and fences along the countryside....

 Winter Journey 1   (C)         

Winter Journey 2   (C)    

Thursday, November 21, 2013

November- Art, Cold Wax, and A New Studio Space

Stars  (C)             gls  (SOLD)

November has been a great month! Busy, but great! I have met so many wonderful people and re-connected with folks I have not seen in a long time (or nearly often enough). I have also been honored to have been accepted into two major juried shows! I appreciate all the time and hard work the hosts put into the shows! The hanging of the works and receptions were awesome! 

October began with teaching children's classes at The Studio School, Roanoke, and teaching a three day workshop for the League Of Roanoke Artists. So far, I have been teaching most weekends in November, and I love it! I am always amazed to see what the participants create, and I always hope they have taken as much away from the workshop (or class) as I do....I learn so much from my participants. I appreciate the suggestions for future workshops and I love watching them create art in a new way!

Even though it's been great, I am looking forward to a nice Thanksgiving break. I truly have so much to be thankful for. 

While I am off, I plan on getting ready for the new downtown studio and gallery space, Art ON Kirk's grand opening! This event will be December 1st from 1-5 pm. I do hope many of you will come and see the new space, which houses nine working artists. 

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Shows Abound

     Well, this October has most certainly been one of my busiest months when it comes to art. Our group from the old Studios on the Square just moved into a new space at 114-A Kirk Avenue; We call it Art on Kirk.  Do stop by for Art By Night, first Friday of each month!

     Last Friday evening, I had the pleasure of going to the New River Art Biennial Show at the Perspective Gallery in Blacksburg. I was very surprised to learn that I had won the Innovative Art Award given by Leslye Bloom for my piece, Caged Window. The show is a strong show and was very competitive. Here is the opening statement about the show:

“The artists chosen for this exhibit had to pass muster from three very competent jurors: Michael Haga, Associate Dean at the College of Charleston School of the Arts, Charleston, South Carolina; Jeffery Allison, Paul Mellon Collection Educator and Manager of Statewide Programs and Exhibitions, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts; and Robin Boucher, Art Programs Director, Virginia Tech Student Centers and Activities.” PERSPECTIVE GALLERY 

I am very honored. Only 15% of the entries were chosen, and I was also surprised when I found out two pieces were selected!
Caged Window (C) (award)

Caged Window 2    (C)

I do hope you can get by to see the show. There is a fine display of very fine work. 
Congrats to all the other artists and to those accepted into the show. 

     Riverviews Juried Show opens November 1st in Lynchburg. I also had a piece selected for this show. 
Clouds  (C)   ink  (SOLD)

     This coming weekend I will be teaching at the League of Roanoke Artist Retreat! I taught there last year and it was a wonderful experience. I am anxious to share more advanced techniques for the artists that are returning, as well as the beginning techniques for those new to the media. I always learn as I teach and look forward to this experience with fellow artists and friends. Hopefully, November will give me a breather so I can get into the new home studio and paint. I am so anxious to get in there and create!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

WOW....Busy Days

I was just filling in my calendar and was shocked at what all I had signed up for. 
It is a busy time and I hope I can keep up the pace. 

Last week, I attended the Academy of Fine Arts National Photography Show in Lynchburg! I was mesmerized by so many of the works there. I am proud to have a piece of my photography hanging in this show! David Eakin and Lisa Pitcher also have outstanding pieces that were included in this show! Congrats to the Roanoke winners! Beautiful work!

I finally moved out of my downtown studio. As of today, I am officially gone. 
I will miss my little room! I have such great memories of visits with friends and fellow artists as well as meeting many new folks. I will, for now, miss Art By Night in my studio. I will, however, be at Signature 9 Gallery for most Art By Nights since I am now affiliated with this beautiful gallery and fellow artists. 

This weekend is the Lynchburg Fine Arts festival from 10-4 PM at the E. C Glass ball-field! I have to say, this is my favorite show to do. The Lynchburg Art Club knows how to put on an art show, and the town really supports its artists! I will be in space 95, so come by and visit! 
Air and Water (C)                        oil and cold wax

Scott Kitts Salon featured my works for the month of August, and it is being featured again for the whole month of September at
1102 Brandon Ave SW
Roanoke, VA 24015
(540) 904-7528

Scott does a lot to promote art! Stop by his salon on a regular basis to see what beauties
he has in store for you! He also carries handmade jewelry and pottery. Thanks Scott!

Until October, I have two pieces hanging at the Jefferson Center, where Wings, an ink drawing, won a second place prize!
Be sure to see this show! It is a great representation of local art!

October will be a busy month too. WOW.
I have children's classes on a few Saturday mornings (check the Studio School of Roanoke's
website for info). In addition, I just found out I had two pieces selected for the New River Art Juried Show!
This is the first year there was a panel of three judges! I am truly surprised to have been included in this show.
The opening is at the Va. Tech Perspectives Gallery on October 18th.
Hope you can get by to see what I think will be an amazing body of work!

Later in October I will be teaching at the League of Roanoke Artists three day retreat!
They invited me to come back to do another cold wax workshop! I always have a good time
teaching with this group!

In-between all these happenings, I am trying to get the home studio set up and create a body of new works.
Busy, yes, but its all good!

Mid-November, I will be teaching a cold wax workshop at the studio school. Feel free to contact me or visit the Studio School of Roanoke's website for more info. As of right now, there are a few slots open. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Sometimes changes are good, even if they are not something we truly want. I got particularly comfortable in my downtown studio at the Studios on the Square. A few months ago, the building sold and I was unsure (as many of us are), of the fate of the building, and the answers were rather vague. Not being one who likes last minute surprises, especially bad ones, I decided to give my notice and leave before I unexpectedly had to do so. By mid-September, if you look for me there, I will be gone.

For now, I will work from my home studio and teach via the Studio School. My work can be seen and is available for purchase at Signature 9 Gallery, on Jefferson and Kirk. Or you can email me with questions. I will keep you all posted as I move through these changes.

I will miss all the folks, for the time being, that would visit at Art y Night. A special thanks to those of you who came to visit! I always enjoy the visits!

Until then  be well, and safe....more to come!

Misty Day                            ink drawing(C) gls

Winter Path-Cold Wax and Oil

Well, we are not even into fall and I am dreaming of winter! 
The summer has been so hot and humid, ick! 
Now that I am back at school, I am dreaming of snow days. 
Since we are not 'there yet, I decided to create a visual poem, called Winter Path

                                                                        12" x12" (C) POR

Saturday, August 3, 2013

In and Out....

This encaustic monotype is called In and Out
I see windows and doors and shutters....

I feel as if I have drifted in and out of the summer break, as each day provided a 
new challenge which in turn lead to a new direction. 
Thing is, I am not finished yet, it seems. 
Lots going on. Some great, some just so-so. 
I will take them all as learning curves. 

I have been working on encaustic monotypes. What fun. 
Wax is an amazing medium and the visual possibilities are endless. 

Soon, I will be back....showing more art in a new studio space and gallery! 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cold Wax Alchemy Class

     Last weekend I had the pleasure of teaching a workshop using cold wax medium and oil. I have to say, everyone produced some amazing work! It was a large class and there were folks who had never painted, fellow instructors, and folks who were trying new a medium. What fun!

     While this was a two day workshop, I hope they keep in touch and continue to create with this diverse medium! Thanks for a great class!!

     Enjoy viewing some of their creations!
by Adaline
by Adaline
by April
by Hope
by Lois
Lois and Adaline
by Lois
by Susanne 
by Susanne

by Susanne

by Suzanne
by Teresa
by Teresa

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Road Home

I had been asked to do a commission painting of a road in winter. 
Easy choice, for me.

This road, was the road home for 32 years....the driveway down to the creek. 
The road with the foggy mists, leading to the cabin. 
The road that is one of my favorite compositions. 
I believe I will do another, a lager version, for me. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Blackbirds Singing, cold wax and oil

Blackbirds Singing (C) mixed media                     gls

     Birds in general have been fascinating to me as long as I can remember, mum told me the first word out of my mouth was, "Bu-u-u-urd."  My first experience with  blackbirds was when we lived on a farm in Fincastle in the early 1960's. 

    When I lived on 'the farm', as we called it, I discovered that there were infinite facets to nature, farming, the neighbors, and life in general. We experienced life and death, and the events that happen 
in-between. I firmly believe that 'the farm' fostered my love of nature. 

    My mind is a substrate for the images I experienced living there as a child. The mystic quality of my earlier monotypes and ink drawings are formed from the recollections earthly delights; images of steam rising from the earth as Mr. Scott and his black plow horse tilled the earth before dawn rose each spring. Cows baying for their young. Bullfrogs making the most wonderful music on hot summer days. The smell of fresh cut hay. Itching like hell after putting up the hay with my little brother and my dad. Conversations at real country stores; tall tales and sob stories.  So many memories. Life was a picnic, and I felt so free. 

    After a few years we moved to the city. While life was good there, it was not the same. Country remained in my heart. I never stopped being amazed by nature, especially the birds. Blackbirds Singing represents one of those etched memories. 

     In the bottom right corner, maybe you can see a faint image of a figure, perhaps longing to fly, or rise above. The completed image also reminded me of a song I love, Blackbird, Blackbird . 

"Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly..."

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sidewalk Art Show, Roanoke, VA 2013

This year, again, I will not be participating in the 55th Annual
Sidewalk Art Show. 

I will have my Studio Open from 10-5 Saturday and Sunday. 
Please stop and visit at 126 WEST Campbell Avenue, SW. 

I will be demonstrating cold wax, and perhaps encaustics!

Also come visit the artists at Studios on the Square!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


When walking alone in a jungle of true darkness, 
there are three things that can show you the way: 
instinct to survive, the knowledge of navigation, 
creative imagination. Without them, you are lost.” 
Toba Beta,
 My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

Navigation (C) mixed media and limestone clay on wood

Navigating...right now I feel as if I am navigating....
especially thriving now on my creative imagination. 
Navigating through the new studio...setting up tables and working 
places in the perfect spot...birthing a new familiarity 
where the visual voice can speak, 
openly...that's the star of my current navigational path. 

Monday, May 13, 2013


Spring Pond (C) 12" x 12" oil and cold wax

Well, spring is here and I am finally able to get out in the yard and dig and plant! 
I just finished the new pond and spent most of the evening reflecting.....
past, present, and future.....

The water was so clear and crisp, reflecting all the spring colors. 
Naturally, I had to 'capture' it. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Roanoke Open Studio Tours

Open Studios Roanoke is this coming weekend! 
I always enjoy folks coming by the working studio to say hello, talk about art, and perhaps to find the right piece to start or add to their art collections!

This year I will be in my downtown studio on the second floor (there is an elevator) on 126 West Campbell Avenue, S.W. 
(That's the end of Campbell near the Roanoke Times. 
Also, Lenore Restaurant is right below my studio; 
they have the best pizzas ever!) 

So, come on by 10-5pm Saturday and Sunday, it's free!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Break= Gardening, Painting, and ART!

     I am just now getting back to blogging...I had to take a break to transplant flowers to the new beds, get back to work after spring break, and I have been working with a few new techniques I learned in a most stimulating workshop via the Studio School, by Maine artist, Pat Wheeler. I will tell you more about the process in another post. 
     I can not describe the energy in the workshop. It was wonderful to be in such a high energy, positive, and professional group! Click on the link to see Pat's website. Her work is incredible. 

     Also over the break, each evening, I worked on painting my new home studio. I had to laugh because one evening it was snowing, yes, in April! What I found even more amusing what that I chose a white color for the paint....the name of the color....Falling Snow! I just found that amusing...or was it the paint fumes? Now the studio is painted and I am ready to start setting it up. Hopefully that will happen soon! I already have my jewelry corner ready!

     Hope your spring is as appreciated as mine! All the trees and flowers are coming up and out. So is the pollen! 

     Happy Spring everyone!