Virginia, United States
I guess you could say I was born an artist! My intrinsic artistic abilities appeared around the age of 1½ years old when I began scribbling colorful imagery on my bedroom walls, later carving designs and cryptic messages on my parent’s fine furniture. Over the years, I have continued my artistic endeavors working as a monotype printmaker, painter, mixed media artist, and jewelry maker.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tranquil day at the edge of a field
A frog glides across frosty water pooled at the base of a rock statue
tribute to years of cascading dreams
Drifting across the surface breating in the mist lifting off
the icy blue water
unemerged green stalks
promises of flowers
calm the frog hoping for a warm Spring ahead

Forest Songs (C) watercolor

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Sounds of Spring

I finally had an evening to sit on the front porch and listen to the creek. The mallard male and female are back! I love watching them year after year as they return to create the sweetest little ducklings! The creek music is singing with a range of sounds and the greens are a feast for the eyes. Bamboo green, Cadmium green , Cobalt Green, Compose green, Permanent green, and Terra Haute. Perhaps a touch of sepia and a hint of Ochre and Umber. Ah, and perhaps a tad of cobalt blue. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

" Forest Song" watercolor (C)

"Falling Branch Creek" watercolor (C)