Virginia, United States
I guess you could say I was born an artist! My intrinsic artistic abilities appeared around the age of 1½ years old when I began scribbling colorful imagery on my bedroom walls, later carving designs and cryptic messages on my parent’s fine furniture. Over the years, I have continued my artistic endeavors working as a monotype printmaker, painter, mixed media artist, and jewelry maker.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


December is a wild month, dashing here and there for classes, art shows and openings, and shopping, but I have had a little time to get in the studio and create. My goal was to create the watercolor cards and have them ready to send. This is something I used to do until my mum became ill and that became my focus. Sometimes when you stop doing something it is difficult to get back into the swing of things; this year, I had planned to get the cards going....instead, I just enjoyed being in the studio 
going with the flow of things.....
Dancing Field (C) oil and Wax

I have begun a huge new series of oil and wax on paper. I am experimenting (as usual) with merging the image types of my ink drawings into larger pieces created with oil and wax. So far, I am pleased with the results. There are more to come......

In the meantime, I am still working on the cards. 
Winter Light 1(C)   

Winter Light 2(C)    

Red Trees (C)