Virginia, United States
I guess you could say I was born an artist! My intrinsic artistic abilities appeared around the age of 1½ years old when I began scribbling colorful imagery on my bedroom walls, later carving designs and cryptic messages on my parent’s fine furniture. Over the years, I have continued my artistic endeavors working as a monotype printmaker, painter, mixed media artist, and jewelry maker.

Artist Resume

Artist Resume

Artist’s Statement:

In my work, I utilize various color harmonies and surface textures to visually engage the audience. I also explore the range of possibilities allowed through subtle changes color choice, composition, method of application, surface preparation, etc. I choose not to create mundane imagery and defend it with dense jargon. I believe that a painting is not made with theory alone, the materials are also a vital component. I am inspired by building up from a simple base structure and self-organize as I go. I render this into painting by building off of the random, using a predetermined medium, technique, and series of colors.


  • Radford University, VA      2003-2007           Masters of Science

  • Hollins University, VA       1977-79/2000       Bachelor of Studio Arts  (Thesis in Monotype Printmaking)

  • Virginia Western Community College, VA    1980-90   Art

  • Ferrum College, VA            1975-77             Art

Teaching Experience:

*Art Instructor, James River High School 2017

*Mixed Media, Jewelry, Encaustic Monotype and 3-D, Asheville, N. C. June 2014-present

*Children’s and Teen Art Classes 2011-present, The Studio School, Roanoke, VA. 24011

*Beginning/Advanced Encaustics, Cold Wax and Oil, and Beginning Watercolor 2011-present - Various workshop locations

*League of Roanoke Artists Retreat, Camp Alta Mons, Shawsville, VA. Adventures in Cold Wax/Encaustic October 2012, 2013

*Soldered Pendant Workshops, The Studio School, Roanoke, VA, 2011-present
   and 310 Art Gallery, Asheville, N.C.

*Journaling and Nature Observation: Drawing, Gifted Student Program, Read Mountain Middle School 2011

*League of Roanoke Artists Retreat, Camp Alta Mons, Shawsville, VA. Alternative Processes in Monotype Printmaking October 2006

Gallery Representation:

River View Station, 310 Art Gallery, Asheville, N.C. 

Market Gallery, Roanoke, VA. 

BlackDog Salvage, The Loft Gallery, Roanoke, VA.

Matrix Gallery, Blacksburg, VA. 

Copper Fox Gallery, Nashville, TN

 Awards: (a partial list)

·      League of Roanoke Artists Showcase 2022, Roanoke, VA. Best in Show and the First Place Mixed Media Award. 

·      Expressions 2022, Piedmont Artist Association, Martinsville, VA. , Gerry Banan, juror, Purchase Award/1st place Mixed Media (encaustic)

·      League of Roanoke Artists Showcase 2021, Roanoke, VA. Honorable mention and the Linda Hall Memorial Award

·      League of Roanoke Artists Showcase 2019, Roanoke, VA. Honorable mention (encaustic monotype)

·      Bath County Art Show Honorable mention, encaustic July 2019

·      Academy of Fine Arts 2019 National Juried Show, April 2019,  Judge's choice award, Juror – Joan Huiner Ranzini

·      Academy of Fine Arts 2018 National Juried Show, April 2018,  honorable mention, Laura McManus, Meier Museum of Art
·      Bath County Art Show, June 2017, 2nd place Mixed media and honorable mention

·      New River Art Juried Show, Floyd, VA, 2017, juror, Amy Shawley, encaustic 

·      Lynchburg Art Show, Lynchburg, VA, 2016, McBride-Blackburn Award for encaustic

·      League of Roanoke Artists Showcase 2016, Roanoke, VA. 1st Place other media (encaustic)

·      New River Juried Art Show 2015, merit award, encaustic printmaking, juror, Rebecca Ghezzi
·      League of Roanoke Artists Showcase 2015, Roanoke, VA. 1st Place other media (encaustic monotype)
·      Bath County Art Show 4th place, mixed media (encaustic), Nancy Dahlstrom, juror
·      Olin Hall 13th Biennial Juried Show 2015, Salem, VA Doug McClemont  from SAACHI and Art News Online, Juror, Honorable Mention

·      Lynchburg Art Show, Lynchburg, VA, 2014, 3rd place Encaustic

·      League of Roanoke Artist Showcase Show August 2014, Roanoke, Va., 1st Place, mixed media (wax) and 3rd place other media (encaustic)

·      New River Juried Art Show 2013, Perspective Gallery, Virginia Tech, Robin            Scully Boucher, Michael Haga, and Jeffrey W. Allison, jurors,

       Leslye Bloom Most Innovative Art Award

·      League of Roanoke Artist Showcase Show 2013, Roanoke, Va., 2nd Place, other media

·      Lynchburg Art Show, 2013, Nancy Bass, juror, Rotary Award, (ink drawings)

·      Academy of Fine Arts National Juried Show 2013, Lynchburg, Va. Judges Choice award, David Dodge Lewis, Juror

·      League of Roanoke Artists Showcase 2012, Roanoke, VA. 1st Place other media ; Honorable Mention David Brown, Juror

·      Westlake Juried Show 2012, Westlake Plaza, Moneta, VA. 2012 Honorable Mention, David Eakin Juror

·      New River Art Juried Show 2011, Floyd, Va., Honorable Mention, David Brown, Juror

·      League of Roanoke Artist Showcase Show 2011, Roanoke, Va., 1st Place, other media, Talia Logan, Juror

·      Lynchburg Art Show 2011, Davidson & Garrard, Inc. Award, Ink Drawing, David Dodge Lewis, Juror

·      Academy of Fine Arts National Juried Show, Lynchburg, VA, 2nd place ink drawing, 2011 George Billis, juror

·      Sidewalk Art Show, Roanoke, VA, Printmaking and Original Drawing Merit Award, 2010, Allison Perkins, juror

·      New River Art Juried Show, Best In Show (monotype), Pulaski, Va. Jeff Cudlin, juror, 2009

·      Water Works Juried Exhibition, Blacksburg, Va. 2009 2nd place watercolor, Rachel   Denham, juror

·      Lynchburg Art Show, Friends of Jennifer Crispin Award (watercolor), 2009, Richard     Crozier, juror

·      Bath County Art Show Printmaking and Graphics Award, 2008

·      Lynchburg Art Show, 3rd place (Printmaking) 2006, John Morgan, Juror

·      League of Roanoke Artists Show, Honorable Mention, printmaking, 2006

·      Lynchburg Art Show, 2nd place (Printmaking) 2005

·      City Art Show, Roanoke Museum of Arts, Award of Excellence, 2004

·      Bath County Art Show, Honorable Mention, 2004, 2007

·      Bedford County Juried Art Show, First Place (Monotype) 2004

·      Lynchburg Art Show, Second Place (Pastel) 2003

·      Bath County Art Show Printmaking and Graphics Award, 2003, 2005

·      Bath County Art Show: Special Award (Judge’s choice) 2002

·      League of Roanoke Artists Show, First Place & Merit awards 2001

·      Lynchburg Art Show, N.B. Handy Award (Printmaking) 2001

·      Bath County Art Show Printmaking and Graphics Award, 2001

·      Sidewalk Art Show, Roanoke, VA, Merit Award, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2001  

·      League of Roanoke Artists, Roanoke, VA, Canson Talens Award, 1997

·      National Pen Women's Juried Show, Roanoke, VA, First Place, 1995

·      Highland Fling Art Show, Roanoke, VA, First Place, 1988

·      League of Roanoke Artists Juried Show, Roanoke, VA, Judges Choice

       Award, 1987                

·      Highland Fling Art Show, Roanoke, VA, Second Place, 1986

·      Virginia Sixth District Photography Contest Merit award, 1983

·      Oak Grove Elementary School Art Award, First Place, (drawing) 1960

Juried Shows: (a partial list)

·      2022 Paper Arts National Juried Show July-Aug. 2022, Bower Center for the Arts, Bedford, VA, 

       Robert Stuart-juror

·      2022 EAI Members Exhibition - FLOW, Ruth Maude, juror

·      Convergence-International Encaustic Artists Juried Show 2022- Morro Bay, CA.  juror, Pamela Smith-Hudson

·      Academy of Fine Arts 2019 National Juried Show, April 2022, Juror, Janly Jaggard

·      2022 Marking Our Marks - 8th Member Only Online ISEA Exhibition, jurors, Roger Lee Mejer and Carol Staub


             3 rd Annual Member ISEA Only Online Juried Exhibition 2021, Peggy Flora Zalucha-juror

·      New River Arts Juried Biennial, Redford, VA, Mary Holland Juror October-November 2021

·      Jacksonville Center National Juried Show, Z.L. Feng-juror, Floyd, VA. August-September 2021

·      Annual National Juried Exhibition  May 18 - Jun 30, 2021, Bower Center, Bedford, VA. Juror, Ron Boehmer

·      Academy of Fine Arts 2019 National Juried Show, April 2021, Juror – 

·      Academy of Fine Arts National Juried Show, Lynchburg, VA, juror, Jeffrey Ellison 2020

·      Riverviews Triennial, Lynchburg, Va. November, 2019

 ·     Academy of Fine Arts 2019 National Juried Show, April 2019,  Judge's choice award, Juror – Joan Huiner Ranzini

·      New River Art Juried Show, Blacksburg, Va. 2019

·      Encaustic Art Institute, International Juried Show, Santa Fe, New Mexico, September 2019, 2018

·      Morpho Gallery Juried Show, Chicago, IL. September 2018

·      Bower Center 2018 National Juried Show, Bedford, VA, May 2018
·      Academy of Fine Arts 2018 National Juried Show, Lynchburg, VA February 2018

·      Art Institute Members Juried Show, Santa Fe, 2017,  juror James Marshall

·      Bedford National Juried Show, Bedford, Va, 2017, Hilde Sallaim, juror, cold wax and oil

·      International Encaustic Juried Show, Newton, Mass. April 2017 Miles Conrad, Juror

·      'Making Your Mark' Art Institute National Juried Show, Santa Fe, NM September 2016

·      National Juried Encaustic Show, Morpho Gallery, Chicago, August 2016

·      'Edges' national juried encaustic show, Morpho Gallery, Chicago, 2015
·      Academy of Fine Arts National Juried Photography Show, Lynchburg, VA 2013, 2014, 2015
·      Olin Hall 13th Biennial Juried Show 2015-Roanoke College, Salem, VA 

·      Encaustic: Nature as Muse Steamboat Springs Arts Council, Littleton, CO. Jan. 1-Feb.2, 2015

·      Hot and Cold Show 310 Gallery Asheville, N.C. June 2014, June 2015

·      Academy of Fine Arts National Juried Show, Lynchburg, VA 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

·      Jacksonville Center, New Works Show, Floyd, VA. March 2012

·      Riverviews Artspace 3rd Annual Juried Show 2011, 2013, Lynchburg, Va. Show

·      Olin Hall 11th Biennial Show, Salem, VA, 2011, juror Carter Foster (Whitney Museum of Art)

·      New River Art Juried Show, Pulaski, Va. 2009

·      Water Works Juried Exhibition, Blacksburg, Va. 2009

·      Lynchburg Academy of Fine Arts, Lynchburg, VA. 2007, 2009

·      WVTF Juried Show Roanoke, Va. 2007

·      Flowers in Art, Jefferson Center, Roanoke, VA. 2005

·      City Art Show, Roanoke, VA.  2004

·      Bedford County Juried Art Show, 2004

·      Art 50, Arts Council Invitational, 2001

·      Bath County Juried Show, Bath, VA, 2000-2010

·      Olin Hall 5th Biennial Show, Salem, VA, 1998

·      Olin Hall 4th Biennial Show, Salem, VA, 1996

·      National Pen Women’s Show, Roanoke, VA, 1995

·      Olin Hall 3rd Biennial Show, Salem, VA, 1994

·      New River Valley Juried Show, Pulaski, VA, 1991

·      League of Roanoke Artists Juried Show, 1984, 1987, 1988, 1989, 2001- 2011

·      Virginia College Student Juried Exhibition, Olin Hall, Salem, VA. 1979     
·      Area Invitational Exhibition, Olin Hall, Salem, VA 1978

One Woman/Group Exhibitions: (a partial list)

·      A Gathering of Elements, Featured Artist, Market Gallery, Roanoke, VA

·      A Gathering of Elements, Allegheny Highlands Art and Craft Center, Clifton Forge, VA, with Sue Egbert, Jan-Feb 2022

·      Collaborative Show with Christine Kosiba, Trioka Gallery, Floyd, VA December 2019

·      Art on Fire-Encaustic and Cold Wax Show- Allegheny Highlands Art Center, September 24-October 11, 2019

·      Melting Point-Encaustic Show- May 2019 McGuffey Art Center, Charlottesville, VA.

       with Giselle Gautreau, L. Michelle Geiger, Bridgette Guerzon Mills, Gina Louthian-Stanley, Lynda Ray, Jeannine Barton Regan, Kristie Edwards Wood

·      Rivermont Studio, Lynchburg, VA. with Peter Buchanan, February-March 2018

·      The Art Center (TAC), Brevard, NC, As the Crow Flies, with Christine Kosiba and others, 2017

·      Aurora Art Gallery, Roanoke, VA, 2017 cold wax and oil

·      'Lay of the Land,' Abstract Landscapes in cold wax and oil, The Glebe, August 2016

·      'Surface Poetry' A collaborative Show with Mary Beth Lee, Art Fleda Ring Artworks, Roanoke, Va. June-July 2016

·      'Our Neighborhoods' Women in the Arts Foundation, City Corp Building, NY, NY, July-August 2016

·      'Doing the Math', Women in the Arts Foundation Juried Show, Riverside Library, NY, NY Jan.2016
·      'Edges' national juried encaustic show, Morpho Gallery, Chicago, 2015
·      Nature Prevails, Market Gallery Member Show, Roanoke, VA 24015
·      Academy of Fine Arts National Juried Photography Show, Lynchburg, VA

·      Nelson Gallery New Works Show (solo show) May 2015, Nelson Gallery, Lexington, VA. 

·      25th Anniversary Studio School Show, Piedmont Art Gallery, Martinsville, VA 1-2015

·      New and Old Signature 9 Gallery, Roanoke, VA. 

·      Hot and Cold Show River View Station, Asheville, N.C. 2014, coming in 2015

·      Studio School Instructor's Show, Roanoke, VA., 2014

·      Bath County Art Show, honorable mention, Michael Haga Juror, 2013

·      Signautre 9 Gallery Roanoke, VA. Featured guest artist January 2013

·      International Print Exchange, Green Door Printmaking Studios, UK 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

·      Nelson Gallery's 11th Annual Invitational Show, Nelson Gallery, Lexington, VA. February 2012

·      The Studio School Show At North Cross, Roanoke, VA. January 2012, 2013

·      Winter Visitors, Lynchburg Art Club, Jan. 2012, Lynchburg, VA.  with Vera Dickerson

·      Hot Stuff: Encaustics Smith Mountain Lake, Va. Westlake Library April 2011

·      Open Studio Tours, Roanoke, Va.  April 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014

·      Plein Aire Paint Out, Catawba Va. August 2008, 2009

·      Kurt Steger Design and Fine Art Gallery, Floyd, Va. Jan. 2009

·      Best In Show, SPCA fundraiser, Taubman Art Museum, Roanoke, VA. 2008, 2009, 2010

·      Academy of Fine Arts, Lynchburg, VA. One Woman Show, Monotypes, August 2007

·      Headwaters, A Celebration of Virginia’s Western Lands, Alleghany Highlands Arts and  Crafts Center November 2007

·      Artists of Roanoke Open Studios Perspective Gallery, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia July 2004

·      Arts Council Art in the Window, Roanoke, VA. Sept. 2003, 2004

·      Art in the Alley, Salem, Va. 1999, 2003, 2006, 2010

·      Arts Council Artist of the Month, Roanoke, VA February 2002, 2003, 2004

·      St John’s Episcopal Church Show, Roanoke, VA 2001

·      Art in the Alley, Salem, VA, 1999, 2003

·      Hollins University Senior Art Show, Hollins University, 1999

·      Holiday Art Show at the Mary Jane Burtch Studio, Roanoke, VA, 1994

·      Southwestern Landscapes, One Woman Show, YMCA Roanoke, VA, 1994

·      Topics in Monotype, Arts Council Show, Roanoke, VA, 1989

·      Studios on the Square Gallery, Artists in Residence Show,

·      Roanoke, VA, 1989

·      Ferrum College Student Art Show, 1976

Collections:  (a partial list)

Platt Architecture (Parker Platt), Brevard, N.C.

Chris Smith, Martinsville, VA. (Collection)

Teri Buthman Mahl, (collector), Meadow Vista, CA. 

Casa de Coco, Fort Myers, FLA.
Morris General Hospital, Asheville, N.C.
Fleta Monaghan, Asheville, N. C.
Erin Keane, Asheville, N.C.  

Christine Kosiba, Brevard, N.C.
David Bullington, Roanoke, VA

Encaustic Art Institute, Permanent Collection, Cerrillos, New Mexico

David Curtis Estate (Collection), Roanoke, VA.

Daura Gallery, (Permanent Collection), Lynchburg, VA.

Virginia Western Community College, Living Gallery,

           (VWCC Permanent Collection), Roanoke, VA.

W. R. Kendall, Scottsdale, AZ

Lawrence Kleiner, MD, Ohio

Marcie Gibboney, Salt Lake City, Utah

Diana Renaldo, Binghamton, N.Y..

Fibercom, Roanoke, VA.

John Wood, MD, Roanoke, VA.

Bill and Mary Jane Burtch, estate collection, Roanoke, VA.

Belva Mahood Hicks estate collection, Roanoke, VA.

Norma Knowles, West Ipwich, Old Australia

Lori and Mike Anderson, Okinawa, Japan

Gail Geer, estate collection, Roanoke, VA.

Phyllis Murell,  Birmingham, Alabama

Donald Stefel, MD, Roanoke, Va.

Barbara and Warner Dalhouse, Roanoke, VA
Aggie Zed, Gordonsville, VA

John and Charlotte Morgan, Lynchburg, VA

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