Virginia, United States
I guess you could say I was born an artist! My intrinsic artistic abilities appeared around the age of 1½ years old when I began scribbling colorful imagery on my bedroom walls, later carving designs and cryptic messages on my parent’s fine furniture. Over the years, I have continued my artistic endeavors working as a monotype printmaker, painter, mixed media artist, and jewelry maker.

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Humanistic Geography: A Sense of Place Eleanor D. Wilson Museum @ Hollins University- Gina Louthian-Stanley - August-December 2023

Humanistic Geography: A Sense of Place 

Eleanor D. Wilson Museum @ Hollins University
Gina Louthian-Stanley
August-December 10,  2023

About encaustic:


I began experimenting with the ancient technique of encaustic painting 16 years ago. Encaustic painting dates to the 5th century B.C. and involves fusing together numerous layers of molten beeswax, tree resin and pigments. Each layer of encaustic medium is applied and then fused to the previous layer using a blowtorch. The surface is then scraped or scratched or rubbed with oil paints to create various effects. Unlike other paint mediums, encaustic has this sculptural, corporeal component to it.




Long before I considered myself and artist, I made marks on a surface I could find, used creek-mud to draw lines, textures, patterns and an occasional structure with this abundant ‘medium’.

I collected odd pieces of metal, rocks, insects, and just about anything that was in my environment. The sounds of peepers and the songs of birds captured my attention for hours. 


‘A Sense Of Place’, was inspired by my sustained intrigue of this natural world, these images come as often from within informed significantly by an emotional response to a place, a narrative of a place, or a biologic remembrance, etc. I am entranced in moments of elemental experiences that feel significant to remember, like a dream or recollection of place. Sometimes the forces of our world seem to align, and the rising mist of transcendent, the Humanistic Geometry: A Sense of Place, the slow-fading, graded values of the astonishing nocturnal blues lend a feeling of otherworldliness, yet something previously familiar and restful. Moments such as these are often unnoticed magic moving along the surface of an ordinary day. These are the moments constructing my work. 

Most of us probably don’t realize just how much a place can influence your sense of who you are, or how essential it is for your inner well-being.




Gina Louthian-Stanley is a Roanoke, Virginia native. Louthian-Stanley has been creating for as long as she remembers, having the good fortune to have been mentored and taught by some of the finest artists. While she has working with encaustic and cold wax artist since 2006, her most recent works are explorations in combining various mediums and techniques to create the 'atmospheric and textural' qualities, which are symbolic to her works.  She has been able to assemble bits and pieces of her lifelong learning and intimate experiences to create her own artistic style.  Louthian-Stanley's works represent the physical and emotional sensations, which carry the viewer into an intimate visual narrative.

Voices of Fire- Encaustic Collaborative Show-Alexander Heath Gallery November 3, 2023 opening!

Voices of Fire- Encaustic Collaborative Show
Alexander Heath Gallery 
November 3, 2023 opening!

I have been curating this collaborative encaustic show for about a year now. 
November 3, 2023 from 5-9 PM the opening will occur!
Please mark your calendars as this is the largest representation of a plethora of styles and techniques
from encaustic artists from around the country. 
My goal is to add even more artists in the future!

A special thank you to all the artists and to 
Ed Hettig from Alexander Heath Gallery for making this happen. 

Encaustic is an amazing medium and it was my goal to show as 
many of the encaustic artists that I could. 
Come out and hear the Voices of Fire!
Below is just a snippet of what you will see. 






Saturday, March 11, 2023

Painting With Fire- Essence of Mulranny 2023-2024-Gina louthian-Stanley

 Painting With Fire Link

Hi friends,
I'm excited to be teaching for Painting with Fire 2023! 
Click above for more info and to register.
Painting With Fire is a year of 52 new classes (at least one hour long) that will be emailed to you weekly!
There are 26 well known artists who deliver 2 lessons each. (color theory and value, composition, bookmaking, paper sculpture, and more.)
I will be teaching two classes, one hour each.
1-Gathered Inspirations and Building Foundations and  
2-Embracing the Journey-Creating 2-D and 3-D Works
In my lessons, we will explore ways to take a plethora of materials including encaustic medium, mixed media, traditional and non-traditional substrates and translate them into visual artifacts and landscapes in 2-D and 3-D. Along with technical instruction that will cover working from visual images, arrangements of found objects, ephemera and papers, using encaustic, connections of metal objects and various mark-making techniques, we will explore the important intuitive aspects of art making: intent and content.
BONUSES: Email me for support and questions. A discount on my home studio classes and more….just drop me a line to let me know you used this link. ❤️
REGISTRATION: Check the link for all info.
Gathered Inspirations and Foundations of Inspiration and Embracing the Journey-Creating 2-D and 3-D Works
This will be another great year for Painting with Fire, and I’d love to have you benefit from all these amazing classes!
As always, thanks for your support,
P.S.These courses are like having a library card with lifetime access to instruction and advice from professional artists around the world.
Non-encaustic artists will benefit as well. There are insights on the business of art and other mediums.
The best part is that these resources are available whenever you want and need them, and they never expire!
I hope you’ll join me this year.