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I guess you could say I was born an artist! My intrinsic artistic abilities appeared around the age of 1½ years old when I began scribbling colorful imagery on my bedroom walls, later carving designs and cryptic messages on my parent’s fine furniture. Over the years, I have continued my artistic endeavors working as a monotype printmaker, painter, mixed media artist, and jewelry maker.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What Inspires You?

What inspires you?
Is it a person, place, or thing?
Is a poem, song, or a painting?
Please comment and share!

For me, inspiration comes in many forms. From objects. From experiences. From memories. From concepts. From people. From places. From everywhere and everything.
I am inspired by...dreams, books, colors of glass, bubbles, the night sky, twilight and dawn, flowers, skies and clouds, green foliage, mountains, watersheds, birds, mammals, amphibians, anything domestic or wild, the smells of coffee, chocolate, or the vanilla air that penetrates my soul when I order ice cream at Brewster's, the smiles of the people I know and love, from thinking back about the teachers I had that pushed me to my limits and made me think and create, from the mistakes I have made (HA!), from thinking back about my childhood escapades, from my exquisite friends, the purr of a cat and the howl of a dog, from the earth, air and water, and right now, from the downpouring rain. As the rain tapdances on the earth, I can smell the dirt, I love that smell. If you are not inspired by something, well............ If you look, really look, inspiration is there.

This summer has been a rainy one indeed, but, it has inspired all the colorful flowers in the new garden. That in turn has gone from my senses to paper.

'Summer Garden' watercolor (C) gls (SOLD)

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angie said...

This is my favorite, red inspires me and makes me happy.