Virginia, United States
I guess you could say I was born an artist! My intrinsic artistic abilities appeared around the age of 1½ years old when I began scribbling colorful imagery on my bedroom walls, later carving designs and cryptic messages on my parent’s fine furniture. Over the years, I have continued my artistic endeavors working as a monotype printmaker, painter, mixed media artist, and jewelry maker.

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

February - New Encaustic Work

Yes, February, amazing weather.....I hope this new
lush foliage makes it through March....

Of course, I had to construct the color and textures in wax....
I love Encaustic. 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Autumn Days Encaustic Mixed Media

 We all have been waiting for the fall color to mesmerize us....Still waiting....
sometimes you have to make it happen!
 From Airpoint                          Encaustic Mixed Media (C) gls
             8" x 10"

A Hint of Sky                        Encaustic Mixed Media (C) gls
        8" x 10"

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Summertime, New works in Cold Wax with Oil and Encaustic!

Summertime (C)      Cold Wax and Oil 12" x12"

Gee, it's been a hot good thing about it is that I have been inside exploring creative juices...I can't ever decide which I like more, working Encaustic or working in Cold Wax and Oil. 
So, who says I have to decide? 

Journal of Travel (C)                   Encaustic  12' x12"

Friday, July 15, 2016

Encaustic- Painted Ladies

The garden and life surrounding it are my muse. 

Encaustic                                                  24 x 24       

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Encaustic Landscape

I love the summer landscapes, full of flowers....
I love working with encaustic medium and pigments....
nothing mesmerizes me more........

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Roanoke Times and World News, June 17, 2016 'Surface Poetry'

Mike Allen, 
Thank you for covering this show!

Posted: Friday, June 17, 2016 3:25 pm
Through July 29, the Fleda A. Ring Artworks gallery inside 16 West Marketplace in downtown Roanoke is hosting “Surface Poetry,” an exhibition that’s a collaboration between Roanoke artists Gina Louthian-Stanley and Mary Beth Lee.
As gallery assistant Tessa Cheek explained, "Gina does incredibly elegant encaustic work. Mary Beth does elaborate multimedia line work. They've been working together, both collaboratively and in a sort of 'side-along play' fashion, on this show and their work in conversation is both surprising and resonant.  
"It was [gallery owner Fleda Ring's] idea to pair a more seasoned artist (Gina) with a younger, emerging artist (Mary Beth). We became super interested in Mary Beth's artworks after our group show in December — she was actually the first artist to sell a piece in the 'RED' show. Both women participated in that show and had met each other in the past. They were thrilled when Fleda suggested a collaboration. 
"We've heard from Gina that the collaboration has pushed her to go in new directions with the materials she has mastered. This is Mary Beth's first major exhibition."

Encaustic - Air, Land, and Light

This spring has delivered inspiration to my doorstep!
I have been trying to capture the 
Air, Land, and Light of the springtime. 

Hope you enjoy these new encaustic pieces!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Surface Poetry- A Collaborative Adventure!

Many new encaustic works, delivered....long time in the making, hard to keep quiet. 


I'm so fortunate for the challenge Fleda Armistead Ring has presented me with! Even more of a pleasure to collaborate with the young and talented Mary Beth Lee... it's her first show, I'm honored to be part if it. 

Opening at 6pm June 3rd, Rings Artworks on Church!
Enso Moon              (just a teaser) 

Exploring Encaustic with Christine Rooney and Gina Louthian-Stanley

Exploring Encaustic
Christine Rooney and Gina Louthian-Stanley

Thursday, June 23, 2016, 10:30 am - 4:00 pm
Friday, June 24, 2016, 10:30 am - 4:00 pm
Saturday, June 25, 2016, 10:30 am - 4:00 pm
Location: Lynchburg, The Art Box
This is an exciting opportunity to study with two of Virginia's most experienced encaustic artists.  Learn multiple techniques for painting with this ancient hot wax medium: mono-prints, direct painting, surface textures, pouring,  and collage.

For additional information and to register, please contact Christine Rooney at 434-384-0188 or you can email me as well,

WAX PAPER THREAD- Encaustic Printmaking and Bookbinding!


a collaborative class with Erin Keane

& Gina Louthian-Stanley, June 8-9 at 310 ART

I am an encaustic painter and printmaker, traveling from Roanoke VA to 310 Gallery in Asheville, NC to share my encaustic printmaking and direct painting with wax skills to cross-pollinate 310's curriculum in Wax Paper Thread. 

During class we will learn encaustic techniques in printmaking, painting, drawing, and mark-making on art papers. Erin Keane will explore intuitive and intentional expression with a variety of tools, and sew your papers into a sweet colorful journal with a beautiful binding.

There are two spots open and we hope you'll join us June 8-9.

I am very excited!

And...  Encaustic Pendants with Gina Louthian-Stanley

June 10th

Friday June 10th, 10-4
The class includes all wax, bezel setting, solder, soldering irons and soldering setups an other items needed!

Participants will create one fine pre-made bezel piece  and up to three soldered pendants, 1” wide and up to 3” long.  Use wax, metal and small inclusions you may wish to bring such asdried flowers, small inspirational words, bits of collage/decorative papers, or small charms. Learn fantastic skills and have fun in this exciting new class at 310 ART. 
(Extra materials will be available for purchase should you wish to create more) 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

2016 Open Studios Tour

Hope you can join us for Open Studio Tours. This year we have several artists that are new to the tour as guests. Their work is outstanding!

On another note, Mary Jane Burtch, one of the co-founders of the tour 
passed away suddenly last week. We are all still stunned by this loss. 
She was an extended member of my family, fellow artist, and (throughout my life) she was among one of my teachers and mentors.

It is my hope that one day there will be a retrospective of her work. She gave so much to the art community and to young budding artists. *(see my final note at the end)
Rest in Peace, dear Mary Jane. There is an empty place in our hearts. 

Open Studios Tour 2016
Saturday, April 30 , 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, May 1, noon to 5 p.m.
Roanoke Artists Open Homes and Studios for 16th Annual Spring Tour
Come see art where it begins! Once again, Roanoke artists will provide a unique opportunity to see art as it is created. In our annual tour, we will display works of art in our home and studios, inviting the public not only to see what we create, but how and where we create it. Feel free to ask questions or simply stroll through any or all of the studios on the Tour.
Our tour starts on Saturday morning, April 30 and runs through Sunday, May 1. The tour offers unique insights into how artists live and work. Focused within 4 distinct city neighborhoods, the public will glean a sense of the community of artists that live in Valley and in the region. The four neighborhoods include Downtown and Old Southwest; Raleigh Court; and South Roanoke, and Southeast, with the last two studios located in the Roanoke Industrial Park in old Viscose plant.

Media include sculpture, painting, drawing, collage, assemblage, photography, and ceramics. Participants can meet the artists, see a body of their recent work, and talk with them about it in a casual atmosphere about their work and their creative process. In many instances, they will also get a chance to peek into working studios. Art will be offered for sale at each of the exhibition sites.
The FREE self-guided tour can be started at any site. For a tour map and a list of participating artists plus samples of their work go to or call (540.685-4616). Families are welcome!
Brochures with maps will be available in April at local galleries, Valley Bank offices, and Southern Graphics. 

*Final Note:
Actually, it is my hope that one day, all the the local Roanoke artists who have given birth to the Roanoke arts community will one-at-a-time be remembered in retrospectives, or even a book. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Encaustic and Mother Nature

Loving the organic nature of beeswax and damar, 
I can only find it fitting to have nature as my muse. 

Happy First Day of Spring!
Capture the magic!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Spring is Emerging!

Spring is emerging!

Elm Avenue (C)                                            encaustic

     The longer days of sunlight are back! Each morning on my way to work, I have become enchanted with the way the light falls on the long row of unique houses on Elm Avenue. As traffic slows, I snap these candid images, print in black and white, alter them and repaint them. Next, I layer them in Encaustic medium, and further draw, paint, and shape the wax into the small renditions of Elm Avenue. 
     Last week, I began exploring Day Avenue. I was really taken by some of the homes! With  Spring arriving and the wonderful way the sunlight showcases the homes, flowering trees are showing their colors! Soon, they will be immortalized in wax as well. 
     This particular piece is on its way to New York City where it will hang along with others from the Women in the Arts Foundation in the Citicorp building. I wish I could see the show in person! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Encaustic Works, Nature Prevails Series

     I began the Nature Prevails series in Seattle this past summer. 
I have a head full of ideas, made several sketches, and now a few are coming to fruition. I hope you enjoy these as you dream 
of a beautiful won't be long!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snowy Days Are Artful Days

 Quiet, peaceful, snow. 

Here is a view from my upstairs home studio. I love it here. Each season provides a 
new view and I relish it as I take breaks from painting. I can not describe the peaceful 
solitude the landscape here has to offer. Lots of fuel for creativity. 
I am blessed. Very blessed. 

And here is my latest completed piece, 
'The Waiting Is The Hardest Part' (C)
18 x 24 

I hope you are safe and warm in this winter wonderland. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy New Year 2016

Wishing each of you a Happy and Healthy 2016

Today I heard someone say, "Darn, a whole 365 days and I am still the same person." Gee, I could not respond. I know I may look the same (ok, a year older), but I am not nearly the same person. I have had new experiences this year that were just the finest a person could hope for, and I have had a few learning curves, and a heartbreak or two. I am not the same, I have been enriched by experiences on both ends of the spectrum. 

I was excited to journey to the west coast and meet other artists, and cultivate some new friendships. Some who extended great kindness when I hit a 'bump'. At home, I laughed and enjoyed time with my BFF's and partners in 'crime', you know who you are! We did silly things and are planning more. It feels great! Of course, I've been blessed with a wonderful family, small as we are. 

I created art and was fortunate in being selected for several notable shows. I feel blessed that some 'saw' and understood what I translated to a visual format. I taught classes and learned so much from all of my students, as well as from the special ladies that believed in me and gave me the opportunity. What great creative souls they are. I thank them for the opportunity of allowing me to share my artistic intuitions and feelings about art. I truly want to see others reach their creative goals and find their voices. 

I learned what a 'perfect storm' was, even though it took courage to accept. I was quickly reminded how fragile life is. I now have an extra memory to carry in my heart and a new star to wish upon each night.  

I'm a better person for having all of these experiences, and I hope 2016 yields even more. 

I am posting below something I post every New Year. 
Times of gratitude.

I can always add to my list, but for now, here it is, 

Strength to accept the things you can not change-shade at twilight on a summer afternoon-a heather plant to greet you-a friend who you are proud of-good hard work-one comfortable place to sit-your favorite music-warmth in winter-those old shoes-heat of the sun-ocean breezes-dark chocolate--cookies-a card from a friend-a single flower-windmills-funky cars-an infectious laugh-recycled stuff-people who let you be real-finding 10$ in a pocket-books that touch you-helping a stranger-pets-clean sheets- quilts- pleasant childhood memories-giggling children-drawing a picture-a favorite color-the things you belong to-a sunset-a sunrise-water-mountains-100% cotton-organic stuff-grass in the cracks-stormy skies-unicorns and mermaids-a clear pond-time change-peace-dinner and dishes by someone else-negative ions-clear counters-moss-time alone-warm a bath in a quiet house-a stranger saying 'Hi!' and believing it-dirty knees-laughing-a good cry-a box full of memories-picking and eating from your garden-a car you can trust-comfortable silence with friends-gentle children-giving unconditionally-making someone smile-setting a goal and accomplishing it-a toilet that flushes-standing tall-stamps-people with beautiful hearts-leather-plant and flower shops-old jeans-feeling good enough to be kind-a quiet faucet-ice cream-clean water-a friend that has one you can borrow-chimney sweeps-lightening bugs-evening breezes and bats-fantasies-being there-a heartache that is gone-a friendly tax appraiser-a friend that sings as she works-a cup of hot tea-lacy things-nosegays on the windwsills in summer-a single feather-the hours before the world wakes up-being gentle to Mother Earth-consoling someone-falling stars-spring aromas of honeysuckle-back scratches-no line at the check out counter-inner peace-an old t-shirt-a parking place-feeling the breeze-a time together-finishing a task-touch-feel-declared by mother nature-smell-hearing-seeing-ice on the window-a holiday-singing in a group-big men with little babies-remembering someone who loved you well-green apples-cheese-art that touches you-night sky-big trees-staying home-respect-affection-compliments you believe-a well deserved paycheck-big trees in little cities-motorcycles- Amtrack- airplanes- taxi's and busses-clean paper-giving something of benefit back to society-movies with gentle hero's-popcorn-the idea of enough-being able to read-being able to love-choices-saying' no'-saying 'yes' from deep down inside-babbling brooks-linen-a tax refund-the purr of a cat-and a meaningful kiss...

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Photo and Art!

This is one of my favorite Christmas photos. The reason being it has this hint of simple nostalgia.
While the Christmas tree is small, it caries a weight. Amidst all the creating, the teaching of classes, and being busy doing those everyday chores, stop, look and mindful, be thankful, and may the peace and joy of this season last within you.

I especially wanted to thank everyone attending my classes, viewing and purchasing my work. To my fellow artists, I appreciate the opportunity to be part of the strong community we have here. I appreciate you, each and everyone.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

What Happened to the Cat? and Open Studios

I want to thank everyone who came out to Open Studios of Botetourt! Bill and Linda White hosted me at Bill's studio overlooking a magnificent view of Tinker Mountain, Troutville fields, and a snippet of the Appalachian Trail. I was fortunate to be invited to participate. I met so many new people and saw folks I had not seen in years! A special thanks to everyone who put this together and those who came out!

Above, the encaustic monotype (pictured above) won a prestigious award sponsored by the Sun Times of Pulaski at the New River Juried Art show. Juror Rebecca Ghezzi, Moss Gallery, was the juror. Thanks to everyone who made that show a success and congrats to those who were selected. 
The work included is wonderful. I hope you will get a chance to see the show. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Open Studios Botetourt 2015 and New Works

Technology, it wows me. 
It is amazing what folks can do! I thank Leslie Woodie for putting this video together. Take a peek here and hope you' llcome out this weekend. It's going to be worth the drive....

Open Studios Video

In the mean time, here are a few new works. Hopefully, I will have better images soon!

 The End of the Heart (C)

The Day Before (C)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Botetourt Open Studio Tour-Come Say Hello!

Botetourt Open Studio Tour! 

I am delighted beyond words to be showing with mentor and fellow artist Bill White! We will be located at his studio at 5457 Mountain Pass Rd, Troutville, VA. 

I lived in Botetourt as a child (in the 60's) and have many memorable farm-life experiences which relate (mostly)to my landscapes. Also, three of the artists showing were my mentors, Vera Dickerson, Nancy Dahlstrom, and Bill White. Over the years we have kept touch and become friends and now hang works together at The Market Gallery. Over the years I have cultivated friendships with many of the other artists on the tour. For this I am blessed and fortunate! I hope you will come out and enjoy the art, artists, and the countryside. 

Here's a ink:

Saturday, October 25- 10am-5pm

Sunday, October 26- 11am-5pm

Many of the Roanoke Valley area’s leading artists live and create in scenic Botetourt County. This fall, 10 Botetourt artists have joined with the Botetourt County Office of Tourism for the fourth annual self-guided driving tour of artists’ working studios. Enjoy this free event and rare opportunity to visit the artists in their studios and homes, viewing rich and varied works both completed and in progress. Have a chance to purchase original artwork and learn about the tools and materials used to create it.
Whether you are a collector, or simply curious about art, this is an opportunity to converse one-on-one with artists while enjoying the added pleasure of the beautiful fall foliage and landscape of Botetourt County. The artist’s studios are located throughout the county so look for the Open Studios logo on signs along your way.
Be sure to pick up your “passport card” at your first stop and have your card stamped at each studio you visit. Then leave the card at the last studio visited and be entered to win a $150 gift certificate towards an art purchase of your own. Visit one studio or all of them. Just enjoy the weekend, your scenic drive, and the artistic culture you’re sure to experience along the way.

Emerging High School Artists of Botetourt County

This year, 20 Art students from Lord Botetourt and James River High Schools were selected and made work on canvases provided by OSB, themed: “My Favorite Food.” Their works are displayed in each of the studios and are for sale. The Botetourt Food Pantry will receive 50 to 100% from student sales.
Four guest artists will be joining us for the 2015 tour.
The complete list of this year’s artists:Lois BiseseEd BordettNancy DahlstromVera Dickerson,David EakinDreama KattenbreakerBrett LaGueSharon MirtaheriWillie Simmons, Gina Louthian-Stanley, Bill White & Mark Woodie.
Artwork for the 2015 tour will include printmaking, oils, acrylics, mixed media, encaustic, cold wax, jewelry and sculpture.
2015 tour dates: October 24, 10 a.m.–5 p.m. & 25, 11 a.m.–5 p.m.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Water Grasses-Cold Wax and Oil

All the rain lately has made everything gray. 
Yet, if you really look, there are
more shades of gray than you can imagine. 
Water grasses, muted on a rainy day were my muse today. 

 Water Grasses 1 (C) cold wax and oil
                                                 Water Grasses 2 (C) cold wax and oil

Monday, September 28, 2015

Encaustic Works and Blood Red Moon

Since I the missed showing of the Blood Moon last night due to rain, I decided to 
articulate the event buy creating images of and about the moon. 
While the moon I created is not a blood moon, it is glowing and full of energy. 
The Elements of Astronomy was created with wax, oils, an assemblage of 
glass, metal, and charms. 
No matter how hard we try to understand the laws of nature, 
she prevails. 

Under the Moon (C) encaustic and pencil

                                       The Elements of Astronomy (C) Encaustic Assemblage

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Painting Paradise Cold Wax and Oil

If there is a place you want to be, even if only for a day, 
create it. 

Tide Pools 1 (C) 

Tide Pools 2 (C)

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Growing Again - New Works In Encaustic

I recently returned from Dumas Bay, Washington where I had the pleasure of meeting some mighty fine artists all working in encaustic. Encausticamp was an experience I will never forget! Patricia Seggebruch, Crystal Neubauer, Michelle Belto, and Sue Stover were a fantastic foursome of great encouragers!

I was in the track two group, but I also met the instructors from the other group, Amanda Jolley, Shary Bartlett, and my friend Erin Keane. 

I had to work small due to traveling such a distance, but managed to begin small studies for a new body of work. All of these pieces will be narratives about nature in some way,  shape, or form. Some may include mechanical, or man made elements to contrast nature. 

The experience of meeting new artists, collaborating, and spending time by the bay  talking, singing, and reflecting on the days works was unforgettable. I know my techniques  and knowledge of the medium have grown, and to all the folks I met for their guidance and support,  I am grateful

 Captured Moments (C)   

Nature Prevails (C)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

New Things

New works are in the making. 
'The Blues' is just one of my recent works in cold wax and oil. 
I have had a chance to immerse in the medium over the last couple of months 
and am liking the results. This is a medium I am growing quite fond of. 

I have had an opportunity to teach a few adult classes, private and group, over the summer. 
It has been heartwarming to see experienced artists explore a new form, as well as having students that have had little or no experience in painting, with new questions and insights.  
I thank each and every one who came to the classes; we've made new friends, discovered new and hidden talents, and above all, we took steps to 'let go' and create. 
For me, that was the absolute best part. 

                     I am hoping I can keep that in mind when I travel to Washington State. I am nervous and anxious, not just about flying, but about letting go of the fears one can have
 throwing your skills out in front of new folks. This time I will be a student, 
immersing for a whole week of creating with Encaustics. 
There will be more new works.....

For years I had to tuck such adventures to the side for many reasons, work, teaching, serious family illnesses, ill pets, and a myriad of 'stuff' that happens when you are busy making plans (John Lennon). The opportunity came and I am going. 

Sweet dreams are made of this. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Heat of Artmaking

Summer, ah, it is hot....I am not a fan of the hot, hazy, humid summer. Spring and Fall are my favorites...The heat, however when used creatively is intoxicating. By that, I mean the heat of encaustics.

I just finished teaching a two day workshop on encaustic monotypes. I had the opportunity to work in a fine teaching facility at 310 Art Gallery in Asheville, and I met some incredible artists as well as reconnected with friends while I was there. Each time I go, I learn bit more about Asheville, and places to see....I am always enchanted......and I will go back.....

 The heating of an aluminum plate gives exquisite textures and patterns in wax 
that you can print onto paper!
 I Heard It Through The Grapevine! (C) 

Moonglow  (C)

Monday, June 1, 2015

New Works on Paper-Cold Wax

With the freedom (ha) of summer on me now, I have created many small oil and wax paintings that will be translated into larger works. I am excited about having the time to create the things that I have carried around in my head for so long. These are just a few.