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I guess you could say I was born an artist! My intrinsic artistic abilities appeared around the age of 1½ years old when I began scribbling colorful imagery on my bedroom walls, later carving designs and cryptic messages on my parent’s fine furniture. Over the years, I have continued my artistic endeavors working as a monotype printmaker, painter, mixed media artist, and jewelry maker.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Odds and Ends

It has been a rainy, cold weekend. I love it becasue I got to get off the hampster wheel for a few days!

I fooled around with my new digital camera and have a lot to learn. I got my old one in 1996, and I tell you, they sure have made a lot of progress with the image quality.

Here are some of the completed earrings I have made with the tissue paper collage process. Now that I understand how the process works, I am going to make more. I am now in search of decorative tissue and handmade papers to use next time around.

Also, I thought I would post a few new photos. Enjoy.

March 2009 full moon

View from the kitchen window.


Angie said...

Thank you so much - go see my blog!

kittylover60 said...

Nice looking deer Gina! Oh so cool:D

Angie M said...

I love this picture. The cat in the middle adds just the right touch.